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It's Time to Serve Better.

We digitally transform governments so they can better connect, engage, and serve their constituents.

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When we transitions organizations from traditional to digital services, they realize benefits extending beyond service delivery. Unbound from a phone or service desk, government staff can think and act proactively, streamline back-end processes, and improve service delivery.


What We Offer

Our purpose built software solutions empower agencies to bridge the engagement gap between government operations and their constituency. We create holistic end-to-end experiences through integrated software solutions for: Passport and Visa Management, Licensing and Permit, Appointment and Meeting Management, Process Automation and Workflow Acceleration. Learn more about our solutions below.


Passport and Visa Management

Our Consulate Online Application System (COAS) allows Foreign Ministries to digitize and centralize their service offerings. From Passports to Visas to Attestations, COAS manages all services.


Occupational Licensing

Our occupational licensing solution simplifies license management for organizations and individuals. It offers expiration date tracking, license renewal, document storage, customizable reports, and much more. Streamline your license management with our user-friendly platform.



Our business licensing solution streamlines obtaining, renewing, and managing business licenses. The entire process is automated and stress-free - Business owners can update their information, access and review the status of their applications, attach all required documentation, and pay online in just a few clicks.


Appointment  Management

Simplify managing appointments, agendas, and meetings, with a single, end-to-end, cloud based solution to optimize and digitize your in-person interactions.

Built in the Cloud - from ground up

Consulate Sys utilizes a cloud-native approach for the development of all our applications. This means that they are designed and developed specifically to run on cloud infrastructure, rather than being adapted from existing on-premises systems. This approach affords us increased flexibility, scalability, and availability. Additionally, building in the cloud allows us to capitalize on cost-saving benefits, which we are committed to passing on to our valued clients.

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