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Business Licensing

Our integrated business license solution enables applicants to apply quickly and pay for any type of license from our online portal. Let business owners update their information, access and review the status of their applications, and pay online in just a few minutes.

Our comprehensive business licensing software solution allows business owners to submit, pay for, and renew business licenses efficiently and effortlessly. Communication with your staff is real-time through a flexible online portal where applicants can apply and renew, and staff can post status updates and deficiency notices.

Automated routing and custom field creation ensure applications are automatically forwarded to the appropriate departments and tracked, with various automated ways of ensuring expiring licenses are renewed on time with minimum effort.

Features at a glance:

Automated Workflows

Create your own customized step-by-step process workflow and let your applicants breeze with ease through your occupational license process.

Role-Based Rights

Control, assign, and manages rights for every function of the application through our intuitive Role-Based Rights system.

Batch Renewal Function

Generate renewal notices when upcoming renewal dates are approaching. Our flexible renewal options accommodate yearly and ongoing occurrences.

Custom Forms

Drag and drop form fields, check boxes, multiple choice buttons and more to create custom forms that suite your process.

Online Payment Processing

Accept payments online via Strip, PayPal, Square, or any other payment processor. Our system is able to integrate with all major payment processors.

Integrated Communications

Send emails, text messages, or chat directly from within the system. Our single-channel communication module keeps track of all history between you and the applicant.

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