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Passport and Visa

Consular Online Application System (COAS) - our end-to-end solution for Passport and Visa management.

COAS allows the management of the passport and visa application process to take place entirely online through an intuitive and user friendly portal. Our system makes away with the obscure processes of the past. COAS is end-to-end and manages the application, the payment, and the decision process.

Switching to COAS offers serious cost benefits to applicants and consulates. No more face-to-face appointments a visa office, no more manual inputs of data, no more printing of visa stickers and return of documents to the applicant.

Features at a glance:

Automated Workflows

Create your own customized step-by-step process workflow and let your applicants breeze with ease through your occupational license process.

Role-Based Rights

Control, assign, and manages rights for every function of the application through our intuitive Role-Based Rights system.

Digital Visa Ready

COAS is digital visa ready. No need to store, manage and print expensive visa stickers. Instead, the applicant received a secure QR code through their preferred communication method. If your mission is not digital visa ready, COAS can still manage and print visa stickers.

Custom Forms

Drag and drop form fields, check boxes, multiple choice buttons and more to create custom forms that suite your process.

Online Payment Processing

Accept payments online via Strip, PayPal, Square, or any other payment processor. Our system is able to integrate with all major payment processors.

Integrated Communications

Send emails, text messages, or chat directly from within the system. Our single-channel communication module keeps track of all history between you and the applicant.

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